• Flooring should be placed flat on an even underlay in the closed packages for acclimatization process, 48 hours prior laying.

  • Never placed against outside wall or near a direct heat or air conditioning source.

  • Only open when immediately needed for laying, reseal the packet with adhesive tape if unused.



Laminate flooring (LF) can be laid on almost all types of floors (existing stone floors, ceramic, marble, chipboard floors, PVC and linoleum floors) provides that sub-floor is clean, dry and capable to withhold the expected load. However, it must be laid as level as possible on the sub-floor (max 1/8” in 8 linear feet; or <3mm level ness within 1 m distance).

Wooden floors
Repair any warping, clean and level if necessary.

Old boarded floors
Check for stability in order to avoid creaking sounds. The screws should be re-tightened and if necessary level the boards.

Additional care should be taken to ensure that the concrete has been fully cured for a minimum of 28 days with a maximum of 2% CM residual moisture. Level without any bump.

Ceramic tile
Filling grout areas that do not conform to the standard levelness.

Existing carpet and needle felt must be removed. Ensure the surface is properly dry off.



Flooring can be installed over all types of sub-floors containing heating systems if below guidelines are followed.

  • Follow the directions or information provided by the supplier or manufacturer of the floor heating system.

  • The concrete must be cured a minimum of 6 weeks.

  • To minimize the effect that rapid changes, a 6~8mil Polyethylene (PE) moisture barrier or insulation mat should be installed over slab radiant heat systems. To protect the barrier from rips, lay 0.079” (2mm) thick PE foam over the moisture barrier.

  • The heat must be turn down to 15ºC for one week prior to installation. Do not turn off if outside below freezing.

  • After 48 hours installation, the heat may gradually increased to the operating level desired, but avoid surface temperature greater than 28ºC.




Use a moisture barrier of at least 0.008” (0.20mm) thick Polyethylene foil is recommended (but no need on wooden under floors). Seal the edges with moisture proof adhesive tapes or apply an overlapping of 8” (200mm) between edges. Allow extra one inch (25mm) up to the side walls.

Use a minimum 0.079” (2mm) thick plastic or PE foam underlay onto the moisture barrier as the intermediate layer. Do not overlap the edges.

Underlay provides comfort by giving a slight cushion and helps to correct variations on your sub-floor besides acts as a moisture barrier. Special underlay has a sound absorption function.



Check the panels for perfect conditions before laying them. Damaged panels must be replaced before installation. Complaint will not be accepted for the panel, which has been used.







Super love the Robina laminate flooring! I choose Modern Oak for my house and it is excellent


                    Hui Syin, Temerluh

Saya pilih papan lantai Robina sebab ia sepadan dengan perabut rumah saya. Keluarga saya amat berpuas hati dengan kualiti product Malaysia ini. 


              Dato' Amirull, pembeli                  Tropical Chengal

Lovely and Great BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

I purchased Robina Karelia Maple for my dining room and I simply love it. Goes well with my hardwood furniture. The floor exudes warmth and comfort throughout the room and is very easy to clean.  You've got to see this floor in person to appreciate it!


                    Ibrahim, Shah Alam