Floor Installation Service

Please note that all Floor Installation Charges are listed in RM PER SQUARE FOOT


Please Enter the Square Footage of Flooring Installation you need in the "Qty" field below before adding to your shopping cart


For our Floor Installation Service, please note:
a) Installation charges are listed in RM per sqft and are only for the installation of Robina floor panels and related floor accessories on floor areas
b) The square footage you need installed must be entered in the "Qty" field provided under Floor Installation Service in your shopping cart
c) Installation sqft is based on actual site measurements that exclude material wastage during installation
d) Other than flat floor areas, raised areas like staircases, platforms, etc. are subject to different installation rates  Please call our Customer Service Department to confirm installation charges for these areas
e) Please call us to confirm additional charges for the following services:
  - Dismantling of existing floor coverings (e.g. Carpet or Tiles) at the job site
  - Door trimming, doorframe adjustments
f) Please refer to our section on MEASUREMENT for further details


A flat installation fee of RM375.00 will be charged for laminate flooring areas of 250 square feet or below