Robina Flooring is MS ISO 9001 : 2008 certified.
This certification ensures that the quality of our
products is consistent and meets international 
standard requirements.

The attestatian from the Fraunhofer-Institut for Wood
Research, Wihelm-Klauditz- Institue (WKI) testified that Robina Laminate Flooring complies to the international requirements acc. 
EN 13329:2008.

Robina Flooring is "Tested to Comply with CE Marking" 
CE Marking is represented the  globally recognised symbol;   is the "passport" for Robina Flooring  to demonstrate its  "European Conformity"

Asia Pacific Book of 
Records 2006

Homedec'11 Quality Award 
Recognition on excellence in innovative product 
feature and quality of the Sleek collection 
product range

Taiwan Green Building Materials
Green Building Material certification awarded by 
Taiwan’s authorities for Robina Flooring’s 
commitment towards Environmental Sustainability.

Singapore Green Label Scheme
Robina Flooring was being the first Laminate Flooring manufacturer in Malaysia to be awarded the Singapore Green Label certification by Singapore Environment Council (SEC), a globally renowned institute for it's "Go Green" policy.

Robina Flooring is using
high quality decor paper
from Schattdecor, Germany

                        MITI - Industrial Excellent Awards
                                  Certificate of Excellent Export 2008 & Product Excellent Award 2010

Recognition awarded by the Malaysia Government towards Robina Flooring's efficient efforts in 
                        promoting the products worldwide, as well as continuous improvement of the quality management, 
                      product innovation and contribution to the eco-friendly practices.