Robina Go's Green !

Thank you for choosing Robina laminate flooring! You are not only choosing a Quality Product, but also an Environmentally Friendly product. Your choice has contributed towards preserving the earth we live in, by emphasizing on the use of quality raw materials and consistencies in high quality laminate flooring. Robina have never neglected its contribution in making the products Environmentally Friendly.

The location of the manufacturing plant, the raw materials used, the manufacturing processes, packaging and all other aspects are all carefully planned and implemented in such a way that it meets the  Environmental Friendly 3R Concept (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle)

Robina Reduces the consumption of fresh timber logs by mainly utilizing the Recycled waste wood from its surrounding wood industry. In the past these materials used to be disposed off as fuel for boilers by open burning, by dumping into landfills, or left abandoned to rot. Also, there are 5 million seedlings planted from the selected “First generation” on more than 6000 hectares of land to ensure the Sustainability of fiber resources.

Robina products are confirmed to comply with European Norm (EN-717-1) and formaldehyde emission of < 0.1ppm which does not have negative impact on human health. The European originated overlays, and the decorative balancing film used are also made by non-toxic or non-heavy metals substance which have been confirmed for easy disposal as a non-water pollutant substance.

Robina's easy glue free installation system is designed to Reduce the material & tools consumption during installation as it eliminates the use of hammering, nailing and glue. It’s easy install and uninstall system make it viable to Reuse the flooring for other locations.

Robina also has invested in a Dust Extraction System whereby sawdust collected during the manufacturing process is extracted, stored and Recycled to burn in the boiler for generating heat for the Hot Press machine. This system avoids the saw dust from polluting the surrounding atmosphere, and utilise the saw dust as a fuel, which in turn Reduce's the disposal as industrial waste.

The in-coming packaging materials (pallets, cardboard corner guards & crates) are also Reused to be made into the shipping pallets for Robina's products which Reduce disposal of the packaging waste and purchasing of new corner guards and wooden pallets. The used consumable materials (used stretch film, shrink foils, and machined metals chips) are collected and disposed to licensed recycling agents.

Our standard corrugated card boxes are made from paper sourced from Recycled fibers and managed forest, which allows them to be 100% Recycled. Robina is among the 1st laminate flooring manufacturer who has implemented the mono-colour design printing on its product packaging, using non-toxic Eco-Friendly printing inks. As compared to multi-colour printing process, mono-colour is more printer friendly and Reduce's ink consumption and eases the card boxes in Recyclability.

At Robina, we also Recycle  our office paper and card box waste, as in our mind we are helping to make a better world and environment for everyone to live in. At Robina, we do not only TALK GREEN, we also WALK GREEN and GO GREEN!


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