Shipping & Return Policy

Verifying your order:

Each customer is responsible to check the order confirmation for correctness. Once you placed the order you are responsible to contact us within 3 hours of placing the order to make any changes. After 3 hours the order is in processing mode and changes to orders cannot be guaranteed.

Order Processing:

Material is mostly packed in cartons for easy handling. These cartons are stack together on a pallet and strapped for transport.  We pay special attention to corner protection and wrapping to ensure your product arrives safely. 

Shipment and Delivery:

The delivery address indicated in order confirmation is the final destination of delivery. Any changes of delivery destination shall subject to additional charges.


The order confirmation reference will be used for all correspondences of the order. Our appointed personnel will call you two days in advance on the delivery arrangement. Should there be unavailable of stock, we will inform you within two days. Please be noted that delivery normally takes 4 to 10 business days if stocks are available. Otherwise, we would require additional 14 days should there be insufficient of stock or you may choose to cancel the entire order and we will refund to you accordingly.


Please make sure you can keep you Delivery Appointment. If you miss your appointment the Transporter will charge an additional fee which could be up to RM300.


Delivery Inspection:

  1. Inspect each carton for outside damage. If cartons show torn cardboard or distressed edges this is a good indication for damage.

  2. Check your Delivery Order (DO) for correctness and count all material received to make sure all is there.

  3. Note all issues (damages) on the DO and be as specific as possible.

  4. Sign DO and receive all material including damaged material

  5. Once unloaded, we recommend storing the flooring in the location where it is to be installed. This will allow the flooring to acclimate and be ready for install.

  6. In case of damage please contact us after delivery for replacement of damaged cartons.


We will replace the damaged product for you and file a claim with the transporter ONLY if you note damaged on the delivery slip (DO). Without the notation we lose the ability for file a freight claim and are not able to provide replacement material at no cost to you.


Return Policy:

You can change your order within 3 hours of placing it. After 3 hours the order is in processing mode and changes to orders cannot be guaranteed.


Warehouse Pick-Up Policy:

*Please Contact Customer Service at +6010-891 0828 or to schedule a pick up time. (Your order might not be ready for pick up if no prior appointment is made.)


Pick-Up Location:

We have 10 pick-up locations throughout West Malaysia. Kindly Visit Our Store Locator to identify the pick-up location most convenient for you. You can then indicate your preferred pick-up location after receiving your order confirmation.


Pick-Up Information:

We are happy to provide assistance with the loading and unloading of your merchandise. Any damage to vehicle(s) incurred while assisting with the loading/unloading of equipment, or during equipment transport will be the customers responsibility.

Merchandise that is picked up will be in cartons and require assembly. Please be sure that the size of your vehicle will accommodate the size and weight of the merchandise to be picked up. We are not responsible for loading and tie-down of merchandise or the safe transportation of merchandise to your home. Damage that occurs during loading or transit is not covered under the warranty.


Customer Responsibilities:

The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the order, so be sure to read through the order details and check the product numbers, and quantities. The product is packaged in cartons to be easily carried and transported usually weighing 30-45kg each.


PLEASE NOTE: At the time you pick up your order, you MUST check for damages and/or missing items, and note that accordingly on the paperwork. It's a good idea to have a copy of your invoice with you, so you can verify you received all of the items ordered. If you ordered more than one flooring accessories, please open the tube or carton to make sure all of the profiles are present and undamaged before signing. If you do not check the materials yourself, please make certain that the person signing for them checks for damaged or missing items.  We take care to package all products for shipping with protection in mind to prevent damages.  We cannot be held responsible for any damages or shortages that occur after the product leaves our possession. Before picking up your merchandise please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team by phone 6010-891 0828 or email to


Returns & Replacements

 Robina Floors is convinced you will love the value and quality of the flooring you will receive. But if for any reason you are not satisfied with your order confirmation, you may change your mind by giving us a call within 3 hours. Any changes after 3 hours will only consider if you upgrade the quantity or the thickness of the product and we will request you to bank in the difference amount before the changes are affected.


+6010 891 0828

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